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Youthful You Facial Skincare

Thanks in advance for understanding the delay in posts, had a death in the family, plus keeping up with work, zapped all my mental energy for a few weeks! Now I'm back with big energy and ready to talk skin care!

Truthfully, I’m not the best at being consistent with my skin care🥲. But this post boosted me into full glassy skin queen routine! I want to talk about a few products that are amazing overall in getting me closer to clear skin and also help me learn more about my skin! I will go in order of how the products should be applied according to one of my TikTok dermatologist @dr.mamina.

I'll give a breakdown of my #1 picks in each step then runner ups will be listed!!


What are they? Should I do this AM, PM, or Both? Facial cleansers remove dirt, make up, oils, dead skin cells, etc helping to keep pores clean and prevent skin conditions, such as acne. It's crucial to wash your face AM & PM to remove the day away and refresh those pores! I’m not too loyal with facial cleansers as I'm learning my skin needs, but I might have found my forever cleanser. To get the most out of your products it's best to know what skin type you have. Dry? Oily? Combination? I have dry skin, almost cactus dry. As you learn your skin type it'll be easier to pick what's best for you. Always do your research as I'm not licensed in anything, but love doing research to find what may help you and me! My top 2 all timers:

  1. Turmeric Acne Detox Soap by @bodaciousbody on TikTok

To answer her question, I DO NOW! I was not a believer until I saw the amazing reviews from everyone and her videos going viral! Influenced me right into adding 2 in my cart! Her page is filled with videos of her process making them, which soaps target certain skin goals, results/reviews, and of course the other products she offers. This is currently what I'm using and I'm now a Turmeric BELIEVER!!! With my dry skin, before I found this facial cleanser I was over moisturizing, leaving me to look greasy all day. I have never had a problem feeling or looking oily using this hydrating soap and didn't need to switch moisturizers . I feel it has pushed me closer to glassy skin by clearing up my acne quickly and lighting up my hyperpegmentation on my cheeks and around my lips. I also use this as my full body soap👏🏽. My chest acne was getting so bad in the Spring I was terrified for Summer. 3 weeks of using this chest acne where? Not here! (future post on body care coming soon) My mom even asks me weekly, "Barb you ordered us more face wash?"Her soaps are so good she sales out quick as lightening! I stalk her etsy shop like it's my job! Only $7 (could be more by the time you get them, they're worth more in my opinion) Don't walk, RUN to her shop, you won't regret it! Also a true shoutout to the owner(s) for getting back to my TikTok DM so quickly & letting me use photos❤️ #clean #natural #skincare #blackowned #womanboss

2. Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser

My first love Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser for normal to dry skin. I love that they have a variety of sizes and form versions for mostly all their products! Of course the bar version is cheaper (they have an oily option for pump & bar version). Can never go wrong with this brand and this cleanser. It helped me keep clean skin all throughout college, but I wasn’t seeing where it was helping to prevent new acne nor was I feeling the push towards glassy skin. Still the mini version stays in my suitcase for every vacation, it's easy and convenient for a travel facial cleanser. If your skin is already supple and you're just looking for a new cleanser that gives that fresh clean feel, this is it! Guys if you're still using 3 in 1 whatever on your face...stop that & get this! If my acne and hyperpigmentation wasn't bad I would go back to it in a heartbeat! Not gonna lie on some lazy or running late days I still use this🤭


What do they do for my skin? Is the step necessary? Toners help restore your ph balance, rehydrates your skin, minimize your pores, and preps your face for all the other products you’re about to use. Some dermatologists say toner is optional, so I never feel bad when I forget to use it. Different toners target different skin types so it’s always best to do your research based off your skin type! I have a few I've used here and there, but with so many steps in this routine I often skip it. A few toners I'd like to shine light on:

I love this brand and toner! This toner works sooo well I was genuinely amazed, and then stopped using it😪. As I was starting to see results within 2 weeks that’s when I decided to become inconsistent. I’ve added it back in my routine, so I’m excited to see more results of it, reducing my hyper pigmentation on my cheeks. If any of you get it stick around for results & let me know how you like it!

This toner right here🤩 I use it for everything, BUT toner for my face (we'll get into that in a later post) Glycolic Acid has magical powers I promise you!It's so multipurpose, I'm on my 3rd bottle for the year. I buy them in multiples. Only $10 on Amazon right now too.... I will be restocking soon! I used it for a month as toner a few years back, it helped sooo much with shrinking my pores in my upper cheek areas and nose! Does anyone else have their pores looking back at them 👁️ ?? You might need this!!!


Serum what?!!! That's what I said. I didn't start adding serum or even knew I needed to until a few years ago. Facial Serum works to boost the collagen of your skin to keep it firm, plumper and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines! I don't know about ya'll, but my extreme daily facial expressions are catching up to me, but I'm determined to win this race!... or get botox🧐 Let's talk about a product that may help put off botox for at least a few years! Comment Serum recommendations if you any to rave about!

This is probably one of the most exciting products I can't wait to try! It's Koreannnnnn!!! I know some of you have seen how amazing Korean skincare products are because they believe in moisture, moisture & more moisture. These products avoid ingredients that leave ya dry to the bone! TikTok influenced me yet again to try something. It is currently in my cart and all over my fyp! All videos of look how it made my skin- bouncy🥹, glossy🤯, smooth texture😍. I want it ALL and I'm hoping this will provide it! If any of you are currently using this please comment below & tell me how you like it!

I used this for about two months in my truly girl phase! Shoutout to any girl who used to run to Ulta after getting paid to get a new yummy smelling product from them! Over the two month period I didn't see much lightening of my hyperpigmentation, but I really liked the glowy look I got after using this! So, if you don't battle with that this is a great serum to try out!

Eye Cream

What does eye cream target? They are great for anti-aging, anti-puffy, and help reduce fine lines around the eyes. They are specific eye creams for hyper pigmentation for under and around the eyes, but I can confidently say I haven’t had the best of luck since I’m so sensitive in my under bag areas. This step is also considered optional by some doctors. The eye cream I've surprisingly been consistent with drumroll please🥁

I’ve been consistent with it for about 2 weeks and I can say I don’t look so tired in the morning and I usually look tired every day. I’m always a little nervous using an eye cream. I’m very sensitive around my eyes, but I have had a no reaction. It applies so smooth, not scented, blends with my moisturizer well, and a little goes a long way. Only $6 LOVE that price!

This is a liquid solution but has the same results as an eye cream. I usually love products by the ordinary, and have no allergic reactions from them, but this gave me the weirdest reaction ever. My eyes would water every morning and in the beginning I thought it was just seasonal allergies. It was getting so bad I would have to wash my eyes and reapply my moisturizer. It worked great though and fought the sleepy look daily. I was sad I had to stop using it! With any products be aware of how you react, not all are meant for sensitive skin!

Moisturizer/Face Oil

If you're not moisturizing then what are you doing?? Moisturizing helps maintain the skin protective barrier, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, fight acne, and can reduce skin conditions, such as eczema. With my dry skin it is so hard to find a moisturizer that’s going to keep me moisturized all day. I've gone through so many, it's a shame. Face oil is optional per dermatologists. I don't see the point in moisturizing and then putting on oil. I'd feel like a butter ball, but do what's best for your skin. Before I got my fave moisturizer I was using generic Vitamin E oil from Target... Introducing my all time faveeeeeee

Healing ointment for facial moisturizer?! GURL YES! This traps in all the hard work you put in with other products better than that slim girdle and shape wear on a good day! I slug my face with this every night religiously & this is my AM & PM moisturizer . I was using it before 'slugging' blew up on TikTok! Large tub in my bathroom, mini tub (can only find this hidden gem at CVS) in my travel case, lip balm in my purse, touch free tube in my car, everywhere! This cures every itch, redness, irritation, dryness, cut, sun burn, everything! Now my oily girls & boys don't touch this in the AM... walking around looking like buttered bread love ya so much but, the next product is for ya'll!

I loved this moisturizer all throughout high school, but sadly it was not for my dry skin and it took me years to realize that. Towards the Fall and Winter seasons, I will get dry mid day and need to reapply, but it was great for Summer. It is very light weight, smooth application, non-scented, and great for soothing breakouts. I think this is a great option for oily or combo skin!


Last but NEVER least... Sunscreen. I cannot express how important this step is DAILY! Big Myth: people with melanin don't need sunscreen. For the love of all hyperpigmentation caused by the sun tell ya granny & momma to put on that sunscreen even when it's not sunny! Yes, some sunscreen are dangerous for your skin & overall health- look into those ingredients !!! One that has never done me wrong, for people of all color & I have almost every single variety.

It's formulated to protect your skin against sun damage, fight hyperpigmentation, fine lines, leaves no residue or white cast, and can also double as a face/body moisturizer! I love all the ingredients used and the product options. The lotion as pictured, spray on, lip gloss, matte gel, and kids version. The lip gloss is new to me😏 in my cart now! I get some are still skeptical, let me give you some natural alternatives below! ⬇

2. Generic oils

You can use house hold oils as an alternative (conveniently some of these are listed as ingredients in Black Girl Sun Screen). Coconut oil, Olive oil, and Shea Butter, are great all natural options! I've tried them, before but I always feel like it causes me to bake in the sun like some caramel desert!


It was long I KNOW! If you read it all to the end, bought something, shared the post, or commented/liked I appreciate it sooo very much!! I had a dream about this post & all the funny remarks... it's a lot harder to do in reality🤣 but I had fun nonetheless! Anything purchased from Amazon with my links are #affiliate associated! I really hope I was able to add to your routine, help you learn your skin better, explain the benefits of steps, or help you realize that not every step is deemed necessary for clean and healthy skin! Remember in your skin, you're always beautiful😍! Until the next post😙


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