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Welcome to Adulting Gen Z!

Welcome to my personal blog about finance, hygiene, natural health, careers, dogs, beauty, Amazon finds, easy recipes, TikTok I bought it so you don't have to, and all things related to adulting as a Gen Z. I love telling family, friends, co-workers, anyone really about everything under the sun and they enjoy it as well! I created this blog to share my experiences, provide insights, and give tips to help my fellow Gen Z-ers (honestly anyone who needs it) as I navigate through the challenges of adulthood in a very real, down to earth way. I'm not sure about ya'll, but I think I was adulting WRONG! I'm passionate about empowering young adults to achieve their goals as I'm learning to achieve mine! This website is a work in progress so excuse the mess and corrective criticism is welcome! Now let's live our best lives and grow together!!

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