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Welcome to My Blog!!

First Post Yay!!

Hiiiiii everyone! I'm Barbie and I'm so excited to get started with this and I hope you all are too! I hate bios, but here goes nothing! I'm a 23 yr old true Gen Z-er, self aware queen here. I love purses (Kate Spade mostly), brunch, up to date tech, Lululemon, Target, Starbies, skincare (glass skin here I come), yoga, wine tasting, books, and everything most girlies my age love. I graduated with my BBA in 2022, moved states OH-MI, got a puppy, and a new job title all within the same year! Crazy fast right?! Yes? No? To my mom it was end of the world fast lol. I work at my moms' company as a Compliance Director (leaving it nameless for now, ngl some of my co-workers are a little😵‍💫iykyk). I trulyy enjoy what I do, but I wasn't raised to have a 9-5 only income until retirement type of mindset. I'm working on my MBA.. that ish is kinda hard! I know I mentioned my mom a lot BUT she's a black full time mom, wife, and daughter under 50, has her own successful business, into real-estate and crafting, sitting on the board of an advocacy group and condo association, President of a provider group, and more. Now that's a diversified life and income! Truly my inspiration! With her as my guide I'm doing amazinggg at adulting...

^ my blog aesthetic... in my head LOL

What I want to share

TikTok showed me the Gen Z adulting way is more complicated, modern, boogie, and everything else. How does that saying go... "I didn't get my life together until I got an Ipad" LITERALLY my truth! Digital planners, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, Roth IRAs...WHAT?! Vinegar to wash fruit, Glycolic Acid as deodorant, at home Starbies, at home lash extensions, at home gel x nails... WHAT?! I felt like every time I opened the app I learned something new and amazing... and kinda confused why I didn't learn some of these valuable skills and facts in school... Well that's what I plan on exploring on my blog. All the hot topics, trending, side hustles, diversified income, pros of organic hygiene, boogie purses on the low low (love a good discount), everything that's going to MAKE (not just look) us those cool, financially smart, glassy skin, traveling girls on TikTok. I have and will do the research and test apps, products, places, and food so you don't have to and we WILL get there together. Manifestation here✨ Also to support the small businesses of my family, friends, and more! #smallbusiness #buylocal

Closing Message

I hope this wasn't too much of a read or at least you have a better understanding of my intentions! Disclaimer: Some of my blogs may have affiliate links, I'll prolly put something quirky like #affy #ad to give a heads up. As an Associate/Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases at no costs to you. I'm testing it out so I can give you all real experience, tips, and advice. If you'd like to subscribe that would be amazing ( I will NOT spam email)! I'm not real sure what that means, but I'm testing stuff out so help ya girl out lool! (Here's a tester link to an amazing travel mirror that stays in my suitcase or this amazing leather conditioner I'm hoping can restore what my baby doggy did to my dad's jeep🥲) Again, I'm excited! Leave questions, comments, everything! Until the next post 😉

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